Inflatable Water Slide and Dunk Tank Rentals in Cumming GA

How do you make a party with a giant inflatable even more fun? Just add water! These inflatables take all the fun of a normal unit and crank it up to eleven with the simple addition of H20. And waterslides aren’t all we do; classics like the dunk tank (sure to be a “hit” at any gathering) and who’s in the barn round out the best summer selection for your event.

  • Big Daddy Slip and Slide

  • Double Lane Slip ‘N Slide

  • Dunk Tank

  • F-2 Multicolored Midway
    $205 Dry/$255 Wet

  • Midway Flume
    $225 Dry/$275 Wet

  • New Wave Slip-n-Slide

  • Seahorse Slide
    $235 Dry/$285 Wet

    $235 Dry/$285 Wet

  • Who’s in the Barn?

    $225 Dry/$275 Wet