About Us

How Better Moonwalks of Georgia became the benchmark of value and customer service for Bounce House Rentals in Cumming GA

On a sunny summer day in 1993, Jyll Jordan’s neighbor rented a moonwalk for a party. During the get-together, the owner disclosed to Jyll and her neighbor that he was looking to sell the moonwalk unit. After decades in the restaurant industry, Jyll saw a golden opportunity and “jumped” at the chance; the company that would come to be known as Better Moonwalks of Georgia was born. More than two decades later, Jyll and Better Moonwalks of Georgia have become the benchmark in both value and customer service.

Operating out of Cumming, Jyll’s Better Moonwalks of Georgia lets its slogan determine how best to handle customers: “Service with a Smile and a Bounce.” But what does that mean, exactly? Jyll’s views on customer service make her business stand alone in the industry; every customer speaks with Jyll directly. You may have noticed the site doesn’t feature any kind of online reservations, and this is by design. Jyll feels each and every customer is important, and forgoes online registration as a way to ensure she gets to know each customer. Every customer is taken care of, from delivery to setup to breakdown, by Jyll and her team. So it is no wonder  Better Moonwalks of Georgia is the 2022 Reader’s Choice Award-winner.

Owner, Jyll Jordan

While other bounce house rental companies are trending toward impersonal, online bookings, Jyll still talks to each and every customer, to insure the best chance of getting it done right and done well!