Field Day Can Put Grades Back on Track

Field Day has evolved over the years. PE teachers are trying to offer new and different challenges as children get older.

Along with the interesting items available to the school for PE training and development, inflatable obstacle courses offer some stimulating challenges in a safe environment. The obstacle course is one of the most challenging items on the field…………and is a great way to challenge both teams and individuals. The Bungee Run is also a great way to compete and gain strength at the same time. All of these activities can be fun and healthy but, don’t just stop there – there’s lots to do and we can help you get going. Studies prove that there is a strong link to better grades when children play. More oxygen reaching the brain develops better thinkers and, consequently, better students, and happier teachers and parents. It’s also a terrific, healthy way to combat couch potato and ADHD issues naturally, and without medication. So, make your reservations today for that obstacle course or one of our other challenging items, before they’re all gone!

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