What are the electrical requirements for a moonwalk?

15-20 amp/110 volt dedicated circuit, which means nothing can be plugged in to the same circuit with the inflatable.

How far can we be from the power source?

BMG is able to run an extension cord up to 100′ from the power source but NO MORE THAN 100′. We will provide our own 12g cord.

How much space will I need?

For each inflatable, add about 6′ to the measurements on the website. This will allow for children to safely move around the unit, and for the unit to be clear of obstacles around it.

What if my yard is not perfectly flat?

We don’t find a lot of perfectly flat yards. In all the years BMG has been providing inflatables, we have solved a lot of uneven yard configurations although, we are not able to tackle steps and steep slopes. Our philosophy is this, when in doubt, snap a few pictures and email them to us at info@bettermoonwalksofgeorgia.com, it’ll make it easier to give you an answer although, keep in mind that most inflatables weigh in excess of 250 lbs. We must be able to roll the inflatable in and out of the location where it will be set up. If you have crews on site, that will help us place it just about anywhere.

What about events at parks?

Most of the Parks and Recreation Departments require Proof of insurance on file before they will allow equipment setup. When you book an area park, just let us know which county and we will provide a COI (Certificate of Insurance) directly to them. Additionally, BMG will have someone on site for the duration of the party; an added surcharge will apply.

What do we do if it rains?

We don’t expect customers to know what’ll happen a week out so, BMG re-confirms with our customers the day before scheduled events; that way, everyone has an opportunity to evaluate the weather forecast. In some cases, BMG has indoor options which we can customize for your event.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Visa and Master Card are the preferred deposit method although; balances may be made with cash or check, at time of delivery.

How do I make a reservation?

BMG takes all reservations the old fashioned way – by talking to our customers. We want to get to know you and give you the opportunity to know us. We think this business is about people so you can talk to us, and we want to talk to you too. We want you to be customers for life! If you’re computer savvy, feel free to contact us through our website, call us at (770) 844-9978, or email us directly at info@bettermoonwalksofgeorgia.com.

What happens if I have a problem during my event?

At the time of set-up, the BMG driver will give you a business card, which will have his or her mobile number on it, as well as the mobile number of Jyll Jordan, owner. Your driver will also give you a ‘Rules for…’ sheet that will provide some quick trouble shooting tips. If this sheet does not answer your question, please call us immediately! Luckily we’re able to trouble shoot most situations over the phone however, if a problem requires more attention, we will return to the site and see to it personally ASAP.

What kinds of penalties exist for ‘trashing’ BMG property?

1) Silly String® – Big No No! The chemicals in Silly String® adhere to the inflatable’s vinyl surface, creating hours of tedious cleaning. There will be a $75 charge if found on equipment.

2) Candy and gum are sticky and difficult to remove. A $50 cleaning charge will be required for removing from equipment.

3) Abuse to the equipment and inflatables will not be tolerated. The most common abuse is usually children hanging from the safety net on the slides or netting on the walls of an inflatable. Be aware of children using equipment improperly, it is dangerous for them and expensive for you. The best prevention of equipment abuse is supervision.

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