Why spend more on a combo unit instead of a standard bouncer?

Many people call and want the cheapest thing we have………..but they are going to have 40 kids at their house. Sometimes it is about their budget. Sometimes it is that they don’t know the advantage.
1) A moonwalk, bounce house, bouncy castle, bouncer, etc, is an inflated area where a number of kids can bounce; then exit through the same opening where they entered. For groups of ten or fewer children under six years old, this is perfect.
2) A combo unit will usually start with a bounce area, which may, or may not have a basketball hoop; then some have obstacles; then a climb to a slide….the slide is usually the exit point.. This enables the children to travel through the piece and continue to cycle through. Therefore, it is better for a large group of children because there is a constant cycle , (or movement), of children and not everyone is trying to be in one area.

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